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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blue Black Splash

Ok I have had lots of questions about what combinations you will get if you breed blue/ black/ splash . See graph below for clarification.

Splash x Black = 100% Blue
Splash x Blue = 50% Blue 50% Splash
Black x Blue = 50% Blue 50% Black
Blue x Blue = 50% Blue 25% Black 25% splash
Splash x Splash = 100% Splash
Black x Black = 100% Black

Lavender is a different gene . It is recessive so can be hidden . You need two sets , one from each parent. I keep Black  hens with  my Lav flock as black are thought to improve the type and feather quality . A Black split  is a black bird carrying a hidden Lav gene. I will be breeding my lavs to Black English Orps this year to get bigger fluffier birds.
Below are the results you can expect from various combinations of black and lav breedings.

Lav x Lav = 100% Lav
Lav x  Black split = 50% Lav 50% splits
Black split x Black split = 50% splits 25 % Lav 25 % Blacks
Lav x Black = 100% Black splits
Black  split  x Black = 100% Black

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